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EasyPeasy Feedback Hackauthor² 09/29/2020 (Tue) 14:13:13 No. 1
Hello, please use this thread to report feedback on EasyPeasy :o) Enjoy freedom!
I just wanna thank you for your work, I really appreciate it.
>>2 aw my pleasure mate
15+ Year addict here. I am going to read the book tonight and see how it goes. I will report back with my success or failure update in a few days.
>>1 fixed my coombrain pretty good
Page 35 at the start. "... Sensitisation can ’never’ be removed from the brain." It's desensitization - a bloody hard word to memorize the spelling of, but in this case it's what was probably originally intended.
Hi, My ebook reader crashes when it comes to the images present in the hackbook. Maybe you could resize the images to make them less heavy.
I tried to post an adaptation that I just made from Allen Carr's "No More Ashtrays" but Reddit keeps marking my posts as spam. I posted it on pastebin so can you publish it in the reddit forum? thanks https://pastebin.com/efay1xtc
"Do not keep your laptop next to you while you sleep" I would recommend adding smartphones to this as well. Like I've said before on the discord, this has helped me immensely. And is the big key change I started off my third read through with, leading to my freedom. I don't like the idea of triggers either, but I classify this as an invitation. Laying in bed scrolling mindlessly through social media is a cordial invitation for the little monster to say "Why not use?" Not to mention that this is the position that most PMOers take whilst using. The bed phone routine is a 'perfect' complement to the exhausting activity that is PMO as well.
Hi Anon, I am pretty happy that you released this book for free. I found out about it because of 4chan because someone else had recommended it. Two improvements I would suggest: 1. Add a way so people can support your work (bitcoin address for example). 2. Create an audio version of the book as well because a lot of people finding listening via audio a lot easier than actually reading (brainlets and busy people). Thanks again.
I have made an audiobook for the easy peasy method. I'm not sure of how to contact you. I spent roughly an hour making it using the windows daniel voice. I would be more than happy to share it with you. :)

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